Why You Should Consider Attending Bridal Shows

As a teenager, most dream about their wedding day; a production of love without imperfection. As we mature into beautiful adults, we often still have the same dreams, but focus more of what it will be as a whole, and realize that stressful life factors can be at play. First, Congratulations; you have reached this special milestone. However, many do not realize how tedious the details of planning a wedding are, and therefore, can be a bit overwhelmed when the process actually begins. Our team at Cream City understands this. Our ultimate goal is to preserve the real love you already have, and transform it into a truly special, real event.

So, how do you coast through the wedding planning experience with less anxiety? What is considered “normal jitters?” Where do you begin?

Attending a bridal show can be beneficial in so many ways; from the free sample snacks, cocktails, to cupcake tasting, and- especially when picking your photographer! With so many different photography businesses, wedding planning businesses, catering, DJ, photo booth, etc. on the market today, one can be extremely torn between what is a deal or a downfall.

Most of the businesses you see at a bridal show have been rated high in regards to quality services, trust, experience, and often affordability. Cream City Weddings is proud to acquire all of these qualities!

In addition to that, meeting other vendors and your potential photographer at a bridal show can give you a sense of rapport, and allow you to realize if you’re going to be compatible with their services, comfort, etc.

Also, meeting a photographer at a bridal show allows you to ask any questions you may have at your own leisure whilst viewing all the company has to offer. Be certain to research vendors you are interested in before you arrive, and have good questions to ask. (Cream City brings past wedding photo album samples, special pricing that we wouldn’t offer elsewhere, and we have our kind, quirky staff members on site to meet you!) Plus- We hand out brochures to help you stay organized with all the information you receive, often with special packaging prices and goodies, and we usually have a fish-bowl drawing for a special gift or extra, that you have the opportunity to win at the end of the night!

We hope this information finds you well, intrigued, and excited to begin your wedding journey. Find more information on upcoming bridal shows within the area by visiting Married in Milwaukee’s website, or clicking the link- http://www.marriedinmilwaukee.com/milwaukee-bridal-shows. And, if you really want to top the cake, catch some inspiration by visiting our Facebook, Instagram, + Pinterest pages! We are constantly updating things that we shoot, love, and inspire.




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