Tips for Having and Outdoor Wedding

Planning for An Outdoor Wedding in Wisconsin

Is there anything lovelier than an outdoor wedding in the summer months here in Wisconsin? Many couples embrace the idea of having an outdoor wedding because the idea of being inside on a beautiful weekend just doesn’t fit the aesthetic of their wedding or personalities. While having an outdoor wedding can be wonderful and memorable, here are some tips from Cream City on how to make sure your outdoor wedding goes smoothly.

Meet Restrictions Head-on and Early

That pretty pavilion in the park or along the lake might seem to be the perfect spot to exchange vows, but how easy will it be to access for your guests and vendors? Look at the site from the perspective of a guest. Is it easy to find parking? Will it be a challenge for elderly or disabled guests? Many vendors will charge extra if a location is difficult for them to get to, to set up, or if they must hire additional staff to deal with the challenges of bringing in equipment

Cream City Tip: If parking is an issue, consider a valet service.

Lake Geneva Tented Wedding

Have a Plan B

Wisconsin weather is known to be unpredictable, so it’s imperative to have a plan B in case the weather is just too inclement to hold the wedding outdoors.  There’s nothing more stressful than watching the weather on your wedding day and crossing your fingers. You don’t want to make your wedding day go from memorable to miserable!  Ask your venue specific questions about when they “make the call” to move the ceremony indoors. Remember that it requires logistics on the part of the venue staff to move the audio, chairs, etc. so some will have a time frame that they work with to decide if the wedding needs to be moved

Cream City Tip: If you have an outdoor wedding in a private location, have a tent rental lined up in case you need shelter.  In some cases, the tent rental companies will be able to set up as soon as the day of the wedding.

Lake Country Outdoor Wedding

Lake Geneva Wedding


Provide Thoughtful Amenities

Be prepared to provide items like hand fans, water, warming shawls and beverages, umbrellas, sunscreen, bug spray flip-flops and the like for your guests depending on what the weather brings. Not only will they appreciate the thought, but it will also provide them with a lovely takeaway gift from your wedding.

Cream City Weddings provides affordable and professional wedding photography, videography, and DJ services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The images below are from some of the many outdoor weddings we’d photographed over the years.

Outdoor Milwaukee Wedding

Outdoor Lake Country Wedding

Outdoor Lake Country Wedding

The Abbey in Lake Geneva Wedding

Outdoor Wedding in the Rain

Outdoor Wedding at Seven Seas