Cream City Headshots

You’ve heard image is everything. Well, it may not be everything, but it can create a powerful first impression. Your image, in the form of your headshot, tells the world who you are at first glance. Serious and solemn, or bright and care-free, your spirit and personality can all be shared in that first image a prospect sees of you. At Cream City Headshots, we’re here to create that perfect first impression.

With the important role your headshot plays, it should not be trusted to a shopping mall studio or friend with a camera. You need to trust your image to a professional like the ones at Cream City Headshots. It starts with your call or email and a few simple questions we’ll ask you like where and how you’ll be using your headshot, what types of backgrounds would you like, will we create these in our studio or at your location, and what format do you need your headshot files presented. To help you plan your session, we’ve created four basic headshot options that you can customize to your needs.

The Cream City Corporate Headshot

This is your basic corporate portrait suitable for websites, IDs, LinkedIn, and any other corporate use. We can create these in our Milwaukee studio or at your location. You have your choice of white, black or green screen background. Multiple expressions are taken and you get to pick your favorite immediately after your session. Your selected image be professionally retouched and provided to you in up to three formats for print and/or web reproduction. This service starts at $149 for a studio visit (per person) and includes one digital file, additional expressions are $49 per digital file, a location visit adds $149. For larger groups on location or at our studio, please contact us for a custom quote.

The Cream City Premium Headshot

This is where your personality can really shine through. With this session we’ll consult with you on outfit and background changes (up to two each). We’ll create multiple looks for you and your session includes up to five professionally retouched images in up to three formats. These images are created in our Milwaukee studio. This service starts at $399 for a studio visit (per person), additional expressions are $49 per digital file. This session is perfect for those looking for a series of images for personal branding or for actors’ portfolios.

The Cream City Environmental Portrait

When part of your personality is the setting we photograph you in, then our Cream City Environmental Portrait is what you need. With decades of experience in photographing people in their environment, we come prepared to compose and light your image for maximum impact. This session will included up to two sets within the same location (within Metro Milwaukee) with up to two outfit changes and five selected and retouched digital files. This service starts at $699 with additional expressions are $49 per digital file.

The Cream City Team Portrait

More than a headshot and more than a simple group photo. Cream City’s Team Portrait session brings our studio to you and creates a unique way of featuring your team members for various web and print uses. Each team member is individually photographed on green screen so that we can merge any number of members together in various group composites. With this method, as your team grows or changes, we can update each group image without having to re-photograph the entire team. This service starts at $299 to travel to your location and set up. Additional fees are then charged per team member photographed and per group photo created.

Cream City Headshots and its founder Scott Patrick has been providing profession photography services to Milwaukee and Wisconsin businesses since 1988. Not sure you need a new headshot? Chances are you do, click here for our article about updating your look. For more information and sample of Scott’s other work at Cream City Photo Video, click on the above tabs to see wedding photography, family portraiture and other corporate marketing photography. Contact us or call (414) 671-1512 today.