Top 5 Reasons to Invest in a Professional Headshot

An investment in a professional headshot is an investment in yourself and your personal brand. It shows you at your best and how your want your prospective employers or clients to see you. Hiring a professional who knows what they are doing is the key to a great headshot and a great experience. Looking natural, good lighting, genuine expressions are all important getting a great headshot and a professional will help guide you through the process. After your portrait is created, a professional will also properly retouch your photo and provide you with properly sized images for your needs.

A seasoned pro can also advise you on the best type of clothing and colors to wear. We believe you should dress as you would in your work environment. If you are a business executive, wear a suit. If you are a doctor or nurse, wear your lab coat. If you are a craftsperson, wear what you would wear in your shop.

Professional headshots aren’t just for top executives. Everybody needs one. With a great headshot, your professionalism and unique personality will shine through and open the doors to new opportunities and new business. Since every social media platform requires a profile image, your headshot will have a far-reaching web presence in addition to more traditional uses like the about us page of your organization’s website and publication in conference or speaking engagement–related materials.

In Milwaukee, Lake Country and Southeastern Wisconsin, Cream City Photo Video has been creating quality, professional headshots for over 35 years. Whether in their Walker’s Point Milwaukee studio or at your very own location with their pop-up studio, Scott Patrick and Cream City will create for you a wonderful set of headshots for whatever you professional needs may be.

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So, are you still wondering if you need to invest in a professionally taken headshot? Here are five reasons why you should:

  1. First and foremost it gives you credibility and professionalism. If you look professional, potential clients, investors, collaborators, etc. that don’t know you personally are going to be more likely to agree to that first meeting.
  2. First Impressions. Did you know that we are judged by someone within 7 seconds of meeting or being seen? This seems crazy but isn’t it a good idea to take advantage of those 7 seconds and put your very best self forward? A good headshot gives people an idea of your personality before they meet you. A smile portrays approachability. A serious look portrays determination. Make your expression match your personality.
  3. Personality! Show it off. A good headshot will give your potential customers and idea of who you are. Do you always smile? Do you have that determined look about you? Are you dressed in the latest high fashion or do you have a more casual look? What props and garments show off who you are and what you do? Your headshot should not look like a mug shot, it should reveal who you are.
  4. Visual Reminder of who you are. How many times have you been to a function and met someone you wanted to connect with for business? A good, clean (and current) headshot can be a visual cue for someone to remember you and connect on LinkedIn, Facebook, your website or other professional networking vehicles.
  5. Branding. There is a lot of talk now about branding your image. Many people think of branding as something only for a large company but it is also applicable to individuals. Another important thing a good professional photographer will do is ask about your website format and usage. Let your photographer know if you need your photo to fit inside a wide horizontal banner format. A good photographer should ask how your photo will be used and it’s for this very reason. You would hate to spend all of that time and effort to end up with a vertical photo that needed to be horizontal to fit your website.

To book a headshot session for yourself, contact the studio for a private, in-studio session or click here to book time at our Oconomowoc Community Center pop-up session on June 10, 2021.