Milwaukee Wedding Venue Selection // Decisions That Matter

Picking a venue for your wedding ceremony + reception is not easy! And if there is a different venue for each portion of the day, even harder. Numerous determining factors go into saying yes to this decision. Specifically touching bases on budget and price, style of the venue, guest size to fit comfortably, location/travel, and guest lodging.

Forming a budget and sticking to it is so important, even before you look at any sort of vendor or venue. This will ensure all parties are on the same page, and will detour any outstanding conflicts regarding price. However, it can be hard to look at a Milwaukee wedding venue without knowing its price, especially if it varies due to peak season dates, such as being more expensive in July verses in December or January.

Style is equally as important! That view of Lake Michigan that puts brighter blue reflections in grandma’s eyes, the sun that warms the tips of the trees as the venue glows in the background and the sound of wind threading through the bushes as you say “I do.” That’s style; that’s emotion, + perfectly yours style. You want your venue to be a price you call a deal or agree with, however you still want it to reflect your style and give off a unique vibration to all who attend. We recommend looking for things such as space, hard wood floors, exposure to texture and architecture, and cream city brick (who would have thought!?) With these things, you can transform it into almost anything style-wise or color palette. Use space well! If you have a certain vision in your head, try to envision it in the space when you visit it. With the help of all your vendors and even a wedding planner, almost anything is partially possible.

Guest size is also a huge determining factor. Say you love the quaint family feel of a small backyard wedding or cozy barn, but your guest list is way over the capacity that the certain venue offers. Or, you love the open space a larger venue gives, but there is a lurking fear that this large venue will make your tight-knit guest list feel out of place and distant. We understand this is tough… but, with the variety and uniqueness Wisconsin has to offer, the additions of tables, chairs, flowers, cozy tables filled with your favorite foods, drinks, and special things, we think this perfect space can be achieved for your special day. Also, certain colors can help give a warmer feel to a large room, or do the opposite, and have the ability to cool down a smaller more cozy stuffy room. Use everything to your best ability, and in addition, do your research!

So, now you have some ideas for proceeding budget wise, guest wise, and style wise. Don’t forget to incorporate location! If you’re getting married in your home town, take into consideration that your guest list may be traveling farther than usual and will require lodging. Ensure your save the dates are sent out in advance enough to accommodate all guests, near or far. In addition, also scout out the venue of your choice for closest lodging facilities and such. This is your day, and we want you to get hitched just where you want to, but be kind for those giving all their wishes and love to you on the day of!

Check out some of our favorite MKE/Wisco venues below:

From top to bottom:

The Milwaukee Art Museum

The Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum-Goes hand-in-hand with the Charles Allis Museum for Reception if the Villa Terrace is a ceremony site-

Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

South Shore Pavilion , x2







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