Why Professional Engagement Photos Matter Most

The thoughts of engagement photos are often juggled within the excited, anxious minds of future brides + grooms. Some couples wish to save money, or- just feel like they will have enough photos at their wedding. In addition, some couples refer to a family friend to snap the engagement photo or better yet, just take a “selfie” on their smart phone.
We have seen all of the above, which is actually what inspired us to compose this blog. Now, we know, we are professional photographers, promoting couples to get professional engagement photos done. We can see how this sounds. But, read on. There genuinely is immense meaning behind getting professional engagement photos done for the newlyweds + their friends and family.

1. Professional engagement photos can be your save-the-dates. You need these. No, like, you really need these. If it be a Facebook announcement, or something you physically mail out, save-the-dates are the information to get your closest loved ones and friends together for your wedding day. Having engagement photos done professionally gives you organized variety, photos to frame in your cozy abode, and additionally, a step done on your elopement announcements.

2. Professional engagement photos can be a great way to get familiar with your selected photographer. Booking an engagement session can give you a feel for how the photographer works, and can be so helpful especially when making wedding photography booking decisions. You get a feel for how the photographer speaks, poses, acts, smiles, engages with you and your guests. This is so important. You create a rapport with the photographer months before your wedding. See how timely and organized the photographer is. If you love it all, great. Book him or her. If not, well, you keep looking and save the hassle months later.

3. Capture real, raw, moments of your exciting new journey. You’re marrying your best friend. You have been together for x amount of time, and he put a ring on it. You SHOULD be excited. You should be nervous. You should be hopeful, emotional, and humble. Engagement photos can bring out all of these pre-wedding jitters. They are captured before the wedding itself, which is beautiful . Plus, you can use your engagement photos all around your home! We recommend taking your engagement photos where you first met, or somewhere that you’re both extremely comfortable. Dress up as classy as you’d like, or as laid back as you’d like. Sip beers, sip coffee, eat Chinese take-out on a blanket at the park. Whatever screams you as a couple, happy, in love- DO. And do it with all of who you both are.

4. A great holiday present for family, or holiday cards for that matter. Not only do you get to cross out save-the-dates with your engagement photos, you can also use them for gifts for grandparents, parents, long-distant family/friends, and also- Christmas cards! With stunning quality, you can get these printed almost anywhere.
We hope these tips and ideas inspire you, and reassure or change your mind about professional engagement photos. Any chance you can get to preserve your raw love, take. For it is one of the strongest forces on earth, already.

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