Every bride is crazy for a sharp dressed man: 4 ways to personalize your wedding attire for the Milwaukee groom

Not too many years ago the groom was once referred to as “an accessory to the bride”.  It was believed that their wardrobe should be formal and somber so as to not draw attention away from the bride. Really, you couldn’t tell the difference between a guy dressed for a funeral or dressed for his wedding! Luckily for the Milwaukee groom, this is not the case anymore and incorporating your sense of style and comfort is key in owning your wedding attire. Here’s 4 great ways to keep on trend but add in signature styling for you and your wedding party:

Milwaukee Groom

  1. Black is not required: While there will always be a place for elegant black tie formal wear, not all weddings are black-tie affairs. If you’re the kind of guy who’s more comfortable in hoodies and Converse, you may feel very uncomfortable in this very formal garb. So unless your wedding is being held at an upscale country club for the After 5 set, explore other options. Many trends this year are towards suits in grays, browns and even burgundy for an earthier feel.  Consider the fabric too; what do you feel comfortable in? Remember that you’re not going to be standing formally all day. Make sure it’s comfortable to sit and eat and party on the dance floor as well! However, no matter what you pick, make sure too coordinate with the bride and bridal party palate as well.


  1. No more matchy-matchy: Monochromatic is out! Try laying patterns and colors in complementary hues to give your look depth and flair. A pop of color mixed with a solid vest or a bowtie with a patterned pocket square can go a long way to dress up a solid color suit.


  1. Ditch the Men in Black theme: For years the trends in bridesmaid’s dresses has been for the girls to have dresses in complementary colors but different stylings and lengths. Why not the groomsmen? Allow your guys to choose suits in different cuts but in complementary colors. One can rock a bow tie and the other may choose suspenders. As gifts to your bridal party, consider getting them matching cufflinks, socks or classic Ray Bans or Aviator sunglasses to bring the look together. This eclectic look is great in photos around the more industrial areas like the Third Ward or Riverwalk!



  1. Don’t forget the kicks: Shoes can really make or break the outfit. While it’s great to be an individualist dirty or old footwear is not going to cut it for this special day. Make sure you and your groomsmen are on the same page on what is and what is not appropriate.


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