Amplify your I Do!  Three reasons you may need ceremony sound for your wedding


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What is the most important part of the wedding ceremony?

The songs you have chosen to walk in?
Your mom and dad saying “We do” when the offcient asks “who gives this person in marriage”?
The readings you have chosen?
When you say “I will” and “I do”?
When you are pronounced married?


If your answer is “all of these things!” then you may need ceremony sound for your wedding. It’s the one thing we often see people skimp on thinking that naturally everyone will be able to hear just fine. But what you may not realize is that almost every time you’ve attended a wedding there was a sound system involved. Churches have sound systems, as do most larger venues. If you want your guests to hear your music and hear you speaking, you need ceremony sound. Cream City Weddings offers ceremony sound so your I do’s are amplified! How do you know if you need it?

Your ceremony is outdoors: Ceremonies that are outside are desired by many couples who are looking for a less traditional approach. Inside of a building sound bounces off the walls and ceilings and bounces back. Outside, it disperses up and away.  Try this test: Go into your basement and have a conversation at normal tones with a friend from across the basement. Now go outside and see if you can have the same conversation the same distance apart.  A good rule of thumb is that for a guest list of 100 people in rows of 10 across, the first 3 rows will be able to hear you if there are no other outside forces such as wind, nearby traffic, the rushing sound of water, or the rustling of trees. That means even at optimum conditions more than two thirds of your guests will not be able to hear your ceremony well, if at all.

You have music chosen for your ceremony:  While the “friend with an iPod” option may seem like an easy solution, there’s also no sound control.  And what if the darling little flower girl delays going up the aisle for 10 seconds? Suddenly the song you were meant to walk up to is over and the friend is fumbling to restart in view of the guests before you go up the aisle. How about if a gust of wind starts up just as you begin your vows?  A dedicated DJ at the sound board can adjust your mic discreetly out of site of the guests and make adjustments to the prelude if the flower girl delays. And don’t you want your friends to be guests and not working at your wedding?

Your venue does not offer a house system and microphone: Some venues are just not equipped and do not have the proper equipment for sound. Never just assume that because a venue will rent you the space to get married that they will provide the sound for you. Also never assume that you can provide a disk or an mp3 for them to play; they may not have the right systems to do so. And here’s the #1 mistake people make about wedding music: they assume that if it can be downloaded of the internet it won’t be a problem, but they don’t take into account WIFI availability and the fact that buffering can happen when you least want it to.

On the biggest day of your life don’t take chances that your ceremony music will be mis-cued and your loved ones won’t hear your vows.  If you are interested in talking more about the benefits of a certified Cream City DJ to do sound for your wedding, contact the studio for more information.

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