Should you have an unplugged wedding ceremony?

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It’s been debated hotly the last few years, and maybe even you’ve attended an “unplugged” wedding in Milwaukee recently where the bride and groom asked you to take no photos during the ceremony.   In our increasingly “plugged in” world  it’s a growing trend to try to get people to live in the moment rather than to feel compelled to document every moment without enjoying it.    When it comes to your wedding day, here’s some things to consider when you’re trying to decide if you should  ask your guests to put away their devices.

It allows your guests to really see your wedding, and makes for prettier photos.  A sea of cell phones and iPads as a bride comes up the aisle covers people’s faces, making those loved ones you invited nearly invisible in your photos.

It can help prevent your photographer missing a crucial photo. One of the most common photos on a bride or grooms wish list is the photo of the other when they are coming up the aisle. That first glimpse of their future.  When grandpa steps out into the aisle at that moment with his cell phone or camera,suddenly the view is obscured for the photographer and it’s impossible for them to get that photo.

It allows your guests to be witness during the most sacred part of the day. After all, the day is about joining you both in front of the people you love the most.  Asking them to simply put away their phones and tablets for the ceremony only allows them (and you!) to really let the love flow and the spirit of joining together be honored.

How to ask your guests? Some people include it in their invite, or you can put it in your wedding program.  It’s as simple as this

“Please relax and enjoy our ceremony!  We want to see your shining faces as we make our commitment to each other. With this in mind, we ask you to put down your favorite devices and be present with us. Please leave your cameras, cell phones and tablets stored “off” and in your bag until the ceremony has ended.  We have a great photographer and we promise to share all of our professional photos from this sacred part of the day with you”


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