Seven Tips for a Hassle-free Honeymoon

If you and your fiancé are just beginning to think about your honeymoon plans, a good place to start is agreeing on a specific destination. Here is a great way to get started…

  1. Start the planning process early.  This will give you a chance to take your time to choose where you want to go and to save money.
  2. Compile individual lists of your top destinations and activities you would like to see/do.
  3. Compare the lists and see what you have in common. Narrow each list to your top 3-5 that you can agree on.
  4. Contact a travel agent. We recommend our friends at Latitudes Travel to help you take your lists, hopes, and dreams and turn them into the perfect honeymoon.  You can call them at (414) 433-4873 or visit
  5. Communicate with your Travel Consultant. Be open and honest when you speak with your consultant about your needs, wants, budget, concerns and your thoughts on the type of honeymoon you want.
  6. Let your Concierge Agent work their magic and create a honeymoon for you and your fiance that is beyond compare.
  7. Book it and start the countdown.  This may be the most difficult part.  Who wants to wait for their honeymoon?  Luckily, you will have your wedding planning to keep you busy.

You need to remember that your honeymoon is a once in a lifetime event, A private getaway just for you and your new spouse to celebrate your marriage. You owe it to yourselves to give honeymoon planning greater and more careful attention.

Half the fun of a honeymoon is dreaming about the fabulous places you will go together! Whether it’s near or far, a honeymoon is a great way to start your life together.


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