2018 Photo and Video Trends in Weddings

When you start planning your wedding, and your thoughts turn to photo and video coverage, you may
have no idea what the process is. Cream City Weddings is here to help! Here are some of our favorite
trends in 2018 that we are seeing and that clients are asking for.

Photographing/Videoing the Proposal

While this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, we can’t deny that having documented photo/video of a
proposal is such a sweet memory to look back on. This does take a bit of pre-planning with the person
who is ready to pop the question! When we are approached to do photo or video of engagement the
timing is the crucial part. We also must take into account weather if the proposal is done outdoors, so
we try to work out a spot that is romantic but not too windy, as well as an alternate location if the
weather just won’t permit being outside. During this romantic moment, we stay hidden if at all possible
and film very discreetly so as not to ruin the surprise.







Instagram Hashtags for the Wedding Date

Having a Hashtag that combines your last names, first names or wedding date is a fun and creative way
to not only “brand” your wedding, but to easily search for photos and videos posted on social media by
friends, family and wedding vendors. Brainstorm a bunch of variations of names and be sure to check
that someone else hasn’t already claimed it.

Photographing/Videoing Father Daughter First Looks

You’ve probably heard of first looks between the bridal couple, but now trending is also a special father-
daughter moment. Too often the fathers feel a little left out or disconnected with the wedding process
and having this moment with their daughter before she goes down the aisle can be a touching memory.
Again, as with the proposal documentation, we are sure to stay a discreet distance away to allow the
moment to unfold naturally.










Cream City Weddings offers affordable wedding photography, video and DJ and photobooth services in
Milwaukee. For more information on our services contact us at (414) 671-1512.

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