Trending Men’s Wedding Fashion 2018

Gone are the days when men’s wedding fashion were only available in black tuxedos of different cuts. Today’s groom is looking to express himself in his wardrobe at the wedding with fashionable and up-to-date trends. Here are some of our favorites in 2018!

Lightweight Neutral Linen Jackets

Not every guy likes to wear a suit, so these lightweight jackets are a great alternative if you like the more deconstructed look or if your wedding is a more casual affair. A little looser, a little more “free” in styling, they also come in many neutral shades that go great with today’s popular wedding colors. We’ve seen jackets in blush, robin’s egg blue, cement gray and a blue-based lavender; all look fashionable without being dated.

Royal-Inspired Blue

Navy is back, thanks in part to the upcoming royal wedding. We love this trend because navy is neutral. Paired with the popular pops of colors we are seeing in the bridesmaid’s dresses, navy looks great with yellow, orange, and of course the classic navy, red and white combination. Navy is formal enough for church wear but also looks on point if you are having a garden wedding.

Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are the most affordable, most fun way to dress up a suit. We’ve seen them given as gifts for groomsmen in different colors and patterns to match the wedding colors; what a great memory they’ll have when they use it again!  They come in a variety of fabrics from silks to poplins, so your suit or jacket can be classic or modern, and the pocket square will still look great.

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