2020 Wedding Trends

It’s that time of the year, time to look at the trends that may be influencing your wedding as you plan for your big day. Remember, these 2020 wedding trends are not rules, nobody can tell you what to do or how to design your wedding. We like several directions in which weddings are going and hope these ideas may help you with your plans.

Color of the Year…Classic Blue. Every year Pantone comes out with their color of the year. Why Classic Blue? I’ve wondered that myself. Well, in a CNN interview, Laurie Pressman, VP of the Pantone Color Institute said, “Typically, trends that we see in color are reflecting big macro trends that are taking place in culture. Color influences can come from art, upcoming media, movies, lifestyles, socioeconomic and political conditions, travel destinations, new technology — really anything.”

So their feeling is that in these tumultuous times we’re going through, this blue will help us feel reassured, confident and connected to those around us. Maybe so, but if you still like hot pink or a sunny yellow, go for it.

2020 Color of the year will be popular with many weddings

Embracing Imperfection. I’ve never been one to embrace “perfection.” What I or another may feel is perfect, may be completely wrong for you. What many brides are now realizing is that everything doesn’t need to be “perfect” for the perfect wedding. A more casual hair or make-up style is OK. Mismatched bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen suits are OK. Even having different number of attendants on each side and groomsmaids and bridesmen is perfectly OK.

Creating Atmosphere. Many couples are creating their own unique atmosphere at their wedding through furnishings, mood lighting and entertainment areas or lounges. For example, food, drink, and entertainment areas such as cigar lounges, tarot readings or a game room will add fun and excitement to your wedding. It’s all about making guests feel welcome and making sure they have fun.

Games and activities are popular trends with weddings

Sustainable Weddings. Being sustainable applies not just to flowers but your whole day. In lieu of exotic flowers, brides are choosing locally grown or even wild flora. For centerpieces, expect to see live potted plants or dried flowers instead of freshly cut arrangements. You may also consider going completely plastic-free, serving vegan menus, and making use of upcycled clothing, accessories, and decorations.

Using seasonal, local and even wild flowers is a wonderful and sustainable 2020 wedding trend

No photos? Well, not exactly, and it’s not a trend we totally agree with. What some brides are doing is foregoing wedding day portraits and spending time another day as a couple taking photos at so that they can be with their guests throughout their wedding day. While we understand the sentiment of being in the moment and celebrating with guests, when will you have all of these special people in your lives together again?

Because this is such a special occasion, if you do want to spend more time taking photos with your honey, your wedding party and special family, we suggest a first look and photos before your ceremony. With this approach the first time you see each other will be very special and private. We’ll then have as much time as you want to schedule to create special portraits of the two of you AND capture those group photos of family and friends. Then, after your ceremony, you’ll be free to go right into party mode and celebrate your nuptials with everyone.

A first look and pre-wedding photographs let you get great wedding day photos while spending more time with guests

Here in the Midwest, it has generally been the tradition to have a mid-afternoon church ceremony, followed by a few hours of photography, then meeting up with everyone at the reception. With smaller weddings and wedding celebrations all in one location, the first look and pre-ceremony portraits makes much more sense.

In the end, it’s your day. Some of these trends may be right up your alley, or you may want to start a few trends of your own. Either way, make it your day.