5 Tips to Look Your Best in Wedding Photos

You’ve got the dress, the cake, and the venue. You’ve booked a DJ and caterer. What’s the missing piece of your wedding puzzle? It’s time to book the photographer. The photographer is often the most important piece of your wedding day as this individual (or individuals) will immortalize this event for years to come. But, what helps to make wedding day photos great? We’ll guide you through the photos with clear and precise instructions but here are some other tips to ensure exquisite wedding photos.

  1. Have a plan

We’ll offer tips and suggestions for wedding photos, but we invite you to also have a plan as to certain places and moments you want to shoot. For instance, if you want to include your pets in photos before the ceremony, that is an aspect that we need to be aware of. Having a plan of your own helps to personalize the day further.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

It’s inevitable that you will be a little nervous on your wedding day. That is why we encourage you to practice your wedding poses in advance. Take some time in the weeks before the big day to practice in front of the mirror. When you find a pose you like, take time to really get used to the feeling of it your body (that means practicing multiple times.) You may also want to consider taking a few selfies with that pose to reference it on your wedding day.

3. Schedule “First Look” before the wedding

It’s ok to have wedding jitters. That is why we recommend scheduling the family and “first look” photos before the wedding. Doing that will allow you to get some of the nerves out by seeing everyone ready for the ceremony before it takes place. 

4. Incorporate both of your personalities and stories into the photos

The wedding day is about both of you so make sure to bring each of your individual personalities and interests into the photos. For instance, if one loves music you can plan photos near a piano or with a microphone to showcase that passion. This is something that can go into your plan when you are deciding on what you want to capture the day of.

5. RELAX and have FUN

We can’t stress this enough- when it comes to photographing your day, we will make sure to capture all of the moments to tell your story. Trust our years of experience to ensure a seamless experience. What we have learned over the years is that relaxing during the photos (and during the ceremony itself) will aid in creating an experience that you can cherish for years to come.

We’ll make sure that your day is captured from getting ready to the last dance. Trust us to create a memorable experience that you will re-live over and over many days after your wedding is over.